• BIC America F-12 Review


    PROS / This subwoofer has a solid design and good performance. The dynamic frequency response is great for movies and music after you fine-tune it.

    CONS / The amp is underpowered compared to other subwoofers in our review.

    VERDICT / This easily connectible subwoofer will upgrade your home entertainment system quickly with responsive low-end. This is a solid home theater subwoofer with good performance and comprehensive a warranty.

    The BIC America F-12 has been around for nearly a decade, but its performance and sound quality earns this home subwoofer our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award. Its wide frequency response performs well for both music and movies. This subwoofer’s build is as solid as its performance. The heavy yet durable build gives you the impression that this small subwoofer will last a long time.

    BIC America F-12
    1. The lowest frequency the subwoofer can achieve
      Lower is better
    2. 2 BIC America
      25 Hertz
    3. 22 Hertz
    4. 25 Hertz
    5. Category Average
      26.67 Hertz


    Whether you are listening to music or watching movies, the 25Hz to 200Hz frequency response is dynamic enough to make either media sound good. At the lowest frequencies, this subwoofer speaker reproduces low frequency effects (LFE) in movies to make those movie effects seem more life-like. After you take a little time to dial in your subwoofer, it will succeed at bringing the low-end tones out in your favorite music.

    Although the BASH amplifier is sought after in home theater subwoofers, the continuous power rating of 150 watts is surprisingly low. The 475 watts of peak power combined with the continuous power rating of 150 watts is not as powerful as other subwoofers in our review. Fortunately, despite its low power rating, the sub's highly efficient amp still allows the speaker to deliver big sound. For small rooms or conservative volumes, the amp will be able to handle several hours of use.

    Sound Quality

    The BIC America F-12 is capable of reproducing loud and powerful sound effects that bring movie soundtracks to life. While the BIC America F-12 home subwoofer might feel too boomy for playing music, this can be fixed with proper placement and testing. This subwoofer is also capable of reproducing musical tones with tightness and precision, imbuing deep, thumping bass notes with proper tonal musicality that you can feel, especially in the lowest frequencies. Overall, it is an excellent home subwoofer for producing movie sounds and musical tracks.


    BIC America F-12 home subwoofers are well designed. The cabinet, although large, cubic and heavy, is classic and attractive. It is solidly constructed from durable materials and finished in black laminate. The black mesh grill is removable, so you can display the subwoofer’s stylish, black-trimmed metallic cone if you prefer. The woofer itself is 12 inches in diameter, magnetically shielded and powered by a long-throw driver that can move a lot of air and fill a medium-sized room with low-frequency sound.


    The BIC America F-12 offers a long list of features that make it a good fit for any home theater. It is equipped with three power settings: off, on and a signal-sensing automatic power setting. There is an LED power indicator light on the rear of the speaker, which can be hard to see. This is one of the BIC America F-12’s few design flaws.

    You can control the volume level with a dial on the back of this home subwoofer unit. A volume setting between three and five out of 10 is ideal to powerfully reproduce low-end sound effects. The crossover frequency-adjustment dial finds the sweet spot for integrating your powered subwoofer with your other speakers. With patience and proper tuning, this subwoofer will not seem distanced or out of synch with your other speakers. You can also set the phase control at either zero or 180 degrees to achieve ideal integration. When the phase is set properly, the drivers in your speakers all move in the same direction at the same time.

    The BIC America F-12 offers several connection options. The sub-in connector allows you to switch between a Dolby Pro-Logic receiver or a Dolby Digital 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 or DTS surround-sound receiver. If your AV receiver lacks a sub-out, you can use the BIC America F-12 as an intermediary between the speakers and receiver, but this adds extra strain on the weaker amplifier.

    Help & Support

    BIC backs up its home subwoofer with a five-year parts and labor warranty; this is one of the most comprehensive warranties for powered subwoofers in this class. In addition to the warranty, BIC offers technical support via a toll-free telephone number and an email address that can be found on their website. There is also a FAQs page to answer common questions about the company's products and offer troubleshooting advice.


    The BIC America F-12 delivers huge bass and works well as a home-theater or stereo subwoofer. The amplifier lacks the power necessary to carry other speakers, but as an all-around subwoofer, this low-frequency speaker is hard to beat.

    BIC America F-12